Local Area Agreements

The Local Area Agreement (LAA) has been designed to support the delivery of the Hampshire Community Strategy and the 11 District Community Strategies.  The agreement aims to develop understanding and clarity regarding our common priorities in promoting sustainable communities. It embodies an opportunity to share this understanding between partners in Hampshire and central Government and to work together through this agreement to achieve results. 
What is an LAA?
The Local Area Agreement is a three year agreement between partners in Hampshire and the Government to improve lives and conditions in Hampshire communities.  The Agreement focuses the attention of partners on 8 sustainable priority outcomes drawn from the Hampshire Community Strategy and the 11 District Community Strategies. These are to:
  • Improve the life chances for children and young people


  • Deliver first class support for businesses, promote skills and workforce development and address barriers to employment


  • Improve the co-ordination of transport and access to services across the County


  • Improve access to housing and accommodation


  • Tackle crime and anti-social behaviour recognising the harm of drug and alcohol misuse


  • Promote and improve the health and well-being of people in Hampshire


  • Use material resources more effectively


  • Empower local people to have a greater voice and influence over decision making and the delivery of services.


An LAA action plan will be developed to deliver the above priority outcomes.  This will contain specific actions and targets to be implemented.  The LAA Executive is responsible for the overall delivery of the LAA targets and individual lead officers have been appointed to manage the delivery of each of the 8 priority outcomes.   


To strengthen accountability, a local partnership agreement has been developed, which all the identified key delivery parties will be asked to sign.  To measure progress the LAA contains indicators towards achieving the 8 priority outcomes.  Targets have been set for each of these indicators and progress will be reported to the Executive and Board quarterly and reviewed with the Government Office every six months


For further information about the Hampshire LAA:


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